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I’ll write about a better life. Yeah, that’s as good a topic as any.

7 May

What do you ( as of yet non existing followers ) do in life? Does it make you happy or miserable?
Do you get up in the morning ha…scratch that. I sound like a self-help book from the shelves of Barnes&Noble.

People, I’m annoyed by the world today. And I don’t mean in a depressed, about to cut my own veins way. I’m actually doing pretty well in life, so no need for all that gushing blood.
I’m annoyed by the world today because everyone is telling me what to do. Somehow, every damn self proclaimed authority finds it proper to tell me how to life my life, brush my teeth and wipe my ass. And it’s like that for everyone.

To summarize a life of an average person: get up, shit, piss, eat, go to work, make money for someone else, go home, shit, piss, eat and have sex on the anniversary of whatever sort of relationship you’re in, get two weeks of vacation and feel happy about it.

And this, my friends, is a joke. It’s a magnificent joke really, quite a master piece. The thing is, we’re not the ones laughing. We’re the grueling, sweating, stinking mass that makes the joke dig in.

And I, for one, have had enough.

I will find a better life, a better morning, a better sun, a wider horizon.

Cap ou pas cap?