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The cult of the average or how it all began.

7 May

“So, that’s what they wanted: lies. Beautiful lies. That’s what they needed. People are fools.” – Charles Bukowski

Remember that one thing you enjoyed doing back in high school or elementary school? That one thing that you felt comfortable with, knew you were good at and could imagine yourself dealing with day in and day out?

Painting maybe, dancing…hell, I don’t have to remind you. You already know.

As children we have this massive potential to be whatever the hell we want. Just imagine, if you were taken back to the 5 year old you, the things you could do! You could even be an artist if you wanted to!

But ( and there’s always a “but” ), you didn’t do what you wanted to. And why? Because you were told you can’t make a living out of it. You were told there was no money in it, and that was given as reason enough. Reason enough that giving up on what you love seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

Is it? Sitting in your little cubicle ( I’ve been there ), you are cheated out of life. You are a number and nothing more. A number that gets to be moved around as you get hired, fired and hired again. A number that gets grouped with a bunch of other numbers and forms a uniform line of gray dots that doesn’t do bad. But it also doesn’t ever stand out.

Shawn Anchor

So why do we do this? Safety, minimizing risk, avoiding being different? Probably. But why are your eyes fixated on that one dot, that one guy that stands out? Because you envy him. And you should. I actually know that guy, he’s pretty awesome. He’s me. I got bored with the boring and I stood out. You can do the same.

Cap ou pas cap?